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Drug Awareness/Municipal Alliance Council


  • Joe Romola - Chairperson
  • Karl Fisher - Vice Chair
  • Lori DiPiazza - Corresponding Secretary
  • Timothy Braden
  • Joseph Daughtry
  • Michael Duddy
  • Connie Kelly
  • Denise Logan
  • Dr. Gilbert Mandel
  • Denise Marino
  • Nancy Mertz
  • Christina Renfer
  • Judith Rosen
  • Alvah Steiner
  • June Witty
  • Adam Brewer, Youth Opportunity Coord. (973) 335-7019

Township Committee Liaison

  • Jim Sandham
  • Jean Bader, Alternate

Mailing Address

  • 195 Changebridge Road Montville NJ 07045-9498

Meetings: Third Wednesday of each month, 7:30 PM, Youth Center. June and December meetings changed to second Wednesday. No meeting in July or August.

The Drug Awareness – Municipal Alliance Council works very closely with the Montville Township Committee, Board of Education, Police Department, school administration and staff, parent groups and many other civic organizations in town in an effort to prevent substance abuse and to provide information to all residents regarding alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. DAC activities and programs are supported by the Township of Montville, private contributions and donations and the Municipal Alliance grants. Some of the programs sponsored or supported by the Drug Awareness Council are:

Responsible Educated Adolescents Can Help (REACH) - Sponsored by the DAC and endorsed by the Board of Education, high school students are trained regarding the health hazards of drug and alcohol use. These students are certified as peer leaders and role models for elementary and middle school students. The REACH students go into the classrooms and facilitate small group discussions regarding decision-making, self-esteem, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, and refusal skills.

Project Link-Up - Sponsored by the DAC in conjunction with the high school administrators and students, students link-up with senior citizens at an annual social event.

Project Graduation - DAC was a co-founder of this drug and alcohol free, all night graduation party. The DAC works closely with the Project Graduation Committee and the parent council on this activity.

Project Promotion - Sponsored by the DAC and endorsed by the Board of Education, this is a drug and alcohol free party held at the high school to celebrate the 8th grade promotion.

Student Assistance Counselor - The DAC encouraged the Township Committee and Board of Education to employ a certified counselor in the high school and middle school.

Project Store Front - Sponsored by the DAC, with the cooperation of the school administration, township schools are assigned windows to decorate with an anti substance abuse theme.

Assembly Programs, Family Nights, Workshops - The DAC sponsors programs for assemblies, family nights and workshops which feature speakers, concerts, lectures, athletes, reformed drug and alcohol abusers, slide presentations, etc.

Drug Free School Zone - The DAC purchased the signs for this state mandated program for placement throughout Montville Township.

DARE Program - DAC introduced and co-sponsors the program with the Montville Township Police with the cooperation of the Board of Education. This program allows the police to go into the elementary and middle schools to teach about drugs and alcohol.

Safe Homes - DAC sponsors this program which is endorsed by the Township Committee, Police Department, parent groups, Former Governor Kean, State Commissioner of Education and civic organizations. Families sign a pledge that no alcohol will be served at teenage parties in their homes.

Red Ribbon Week (October 23rd to October 31st) - DAC sponsors Red Ribbon Week Programming in Montville Township and distributes red ribbons to all students, school staff, Montville Township employees and Township residents. The message is one of working towards a drug free community.

National "Just Say No" Week in May - DAC, with the cooperation of the Board of Education, purchases items for students with a "Just Say No" message.

The Drug Awareness Council sponsors in-service programs for school staff, purchases materials and kits for school health programs, maintains a film library for drug and alcohol education and participates in the Montville Township Health Fair. All township residents and businesses interested in working with the Council, or with suggestions, are encouraged to contact the DAC.

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