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Montville Township Dog Park

  1. Be Responsible-Follow Rules
  2. Keep license & membership tags on dogs.
  3. It is recommended that dogs be on a flea/tick & heartworm as well as vaccinated for bordetella
  4. Dog Owners are responsible for damage to park property.
  5. Park will be monitored by other members for licenses, rules and compliance with town ordinances.

  1. Do clean up after your dog(s). This is a dog park-not a dog restroom.
  2. Do have a collar with proper tags showing licensing and proof of membership on your dog at all times.
  3. Do watch and stay with your dog at all times.
  4. Do everything to avoid a dog fight and correct aggressive behavior.
  5. Do remove your dog immediately at the first sign of aggressive behavior or excessive barking toward people or other dogs.
  6. Do unleash your dog after entering the safety gate and leash your dog before exiting the safety gate.

  1. Don't bring dogs that are sick into the Park.
  2. Don't let your dog dig holes.
  3. Don't leave your dogs unattended in the Park at any time.
  4. Don't bring children under age eight (8) into the Park.

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